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It’s the 1970s all over again, and Joe Biden is the new Jimmy Carter

I very much agree that there are many parallels between right now and the Carter era, although the economic problems of the late 1970s are often unduly attributed to Carter, when they were really the outgrowth of policies pursued in the late 60s and early 70s by LBJ and, especially, Nixon. Right now, it’s like it’s 1977 all over again, and Trump is Nixon, Biden is Carter, and Sanders is Ted Kennedy.  Many of the issues are the same: Iran, China/Taiwan, Russia, Afghanistan, perceived military weakness, rising crime rates, fretting over a recently lost war, inflation, high fuel costs, abortion, the Supreme Court. The controversy over critical race theory is the new school busing issue, covid is the new swine flu, the migrant crisis in the new Cuban boatlift, Venezuela is the new Nicaragua, etc, etc, etc. 

Right now, the main political danger is a repeat of 1980, when the Reaganite/supply-sider/neocon alliance came to power and subsequently ruled for 28 years. It is clear the remnants of that alliance are using these same issues as a means of regaining power.  The objective of the neo-Reaganites is the creation of a Latin American-style plutocratic caudillo in North America, and the objective of the neocons is to continue the PNAC program by initiating a war with Iran.

Trump running again in 2024 might actually be beneficial because it will escalate polarization and fragmentation on one end while continuing to semi-cockblock the neocons on the other end. If not Trump, the ideal GOP candidate would be one of his family members or associates or a Republican that has totally hitched their wagons to Trumpism. Also, we need more Republicans elected to Congress who are offensive to neocon sensibilities like Greene, Cawthorn, Boebert, etc. All of these people are way too friendly to the Reaganite/supply-sider/neocon alliance, but they’re still a thorn in their side. And we need more Squad-like Democrats elected to Congress as well in order to continue the escalation of polarization.

By Marc A. Thiessen Washington Post

Want proof that the Biden administration is really the second incarnation of the Carter administration? We have runaway inflation, Americans trapped overseas, a member of the first family who tried to do business with Libya and a president begging the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies (OPEC Plus) to increase oil production. It’s like the 1970s all over again.

Gas prices have risen $1 a gallon since Joe Biden’s election, while crude oil prices have doubled since November to $83 per barrel — and some analysts predict they could rise by another $10 before the end of the year. Natural gas prices have shot up more than 150 percent in the same period, which means winter heating bills for the half of American homes that use natural gas are projected to be 30 percent higher than last year — 49 percent higher in the Midwest.

This is the result of deliberate policy choices. Biden has made clear his intention to tax and regulate the fossil fuel industry out of existence. During the 2020 campaign, he declared, “I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel.”


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