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How Trump RUINS GOP, Democratic Party

Trump may well turn out to be the best friend proponents of pan-secession ever had by escalating fragmentation and advancing sympathy for pan-secession.

Saagar analyzes the negative effects Trump’s presence is having on the GOP, Democratic Party, and the broader political debates taking place in America and on the right more specifically

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    • Well, the Trump era has witnessed a massive growth of pan-secessionist sympathy on a macro-level, and actual pan-secessionist actions on the intermediate or micro-level, so we’ll see.

  1. Oooh how they wish this were so! It used to be the left lied ‘n pushed without knowing what they.we’re doing,,, Now they ‘r pros ‘n make determined ‘n mapped out strategies to be more convincing,,, citizens of both sides most times, never get a chance to hear the real Truth because they ‘r working harder than ever before ‘n they must depend on the media- which is Never truthful! Look at our world the way it is today, under this media’s world – ‘n what we had before they took over ‘n sadly, we may never get our place in the world again, , God bless America ‘n God bless Pres Trump for all he did for us!

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