Exposing Media Malpractice with Ken Klippenstein

“Media malpractice” is a redundant phrase.

Responding to unfair pay, a poor incentive program, and the company’s refusal to provide new workers with pensions, 10,000 John Deere workers across 14 facilities went on strike today. Of course, as the company’s workers cite these basic needs as the missing items in the proposed contract, John Deere execs have racked up more profit than ever: according to Jacobin, the company’s net income for this year, which is likely $5.7 to $5.9 billion, eclipses 2013’s record by over $2 billion. Now, those execs are calling on non-union, salaried workers to fill the gaps from the strike and keep profits high . . . with interesting results, as tweeted by this week’s guest, Ken Klippenstein.

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