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  1. I don’t believe any Dem is the least concerned! This is the ‘plan’-always has been- One-World- no borders- two class system- one to do the labor ‘n one to enjoy te fruit of that labor – oh, ‘n don’t forget, it will be a cashless Society- we will all work for the.Elite Gov. group- the UN,? they probably have a name picked out , , Hillary wanted the West Coast district but so does China,,, we’ll soon see,,,, aren’t ‘wealthy? fagetaboutit! They still need to get rid of a lot of ‘us’,for their plan to be successful,,, consequently, another virus? Ummm? Pres Trump knew, he tried to fix it,,, they were ready, Look what the did to him ! ‘’n us,,, God warned us,,,,we didn’t listen,,,,,

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