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Paraplegic man pulled from car, thrown to ground by police in Ohio

By David K. Li and Suzanne Ciechalski, NBC News

Police in Ohio forcibly pulled a paraplegic man out of his vehicle and threw him to the ground, despite his repeated appeals and him saying he has no use of his legs, according to body-camera video released Friday.

The Dayton Police Department shared the video with NBC News that shows two officers commanding motorist Clifford Owensby to step out of the Audi he was driving during a traffic stop last week.

The video was edited, and it’s not clear what happened before or after the video.

Owensby can be heard telling the officers he’s paraplegic. One of the officers said he’d help him out of the car, but the motorist declined and asked why he was pulled over.

“I can’t get out of the vehicle sir,” Owensby said.

The officer told Owensby he needed to be out of the vehicle so a dog could smell for drugs, but the motorist objected, the video showed.


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