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Libertarian Diagnostic Failure

I generally criticize the Left more than the Right for a variety of reasons. First, the Left, at least the cultural left, is an ascendant force, while traditional conservatism is on the defensive. Second, what passes for the “left” in the Western world today largely represents the Brahmin class, not the working class. Third, a lot of elements of the cultural left have been commercialized by capital and coopted by the state to the point of being incorporated into the ruling class’ present ideological superstructure, or the “new civil religion.” Lastly, the “left” is full of weenies, chumps, losers, and morons who have no perception of any of this and instead wax hysterical about archaic, largely non-existent ideologies from almost a century ago.
However, this does not mean that there is not plenty of weenies, chumps, losers, and morons on the Right.
This article is a perfect illustration of the limitations of what is often found in the paleolibertarian, conservative, and neo-reactionary camps. This guy’s argument amounts to little more than “We need a strong state to defend the American Way and fight Communism” as if that has anything to do with anything that is going on in the world today. This shit is basically Antifa for the Right.

By Charlemagne

Yesterday, I saw a poll on Twitter by well-known libertarian Dave Smith:

Jeff Deist is the President of the Mises Institute, which represents the most respectable and serious libertarian intellectual tradition alive today. The Tweet that Dave Smith referred to in his poll is this one:

A few people commented on this thread, including the very cringe Styxhexenhammer666, and the very based Peter R. Quiñones.



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