The Richest Family in Every U.S. State

What I found the most interesting about this was the degree to which the “old money” industrial bourgeoisie WASP elites are being integrated with the “newly rich” and “rainbowized” digital capitalist class.

By Max DeNike, Family Minded

America’s richest families are taking the whole idea of “born with a silver spoon” to another level. These clans aren’t just rich. They’re filthy stinking rich.

Many made their fortunes through excellent investments or by getting into an industry at the perfect time (i.e., oil and natural gas drilling in the 1960s and ’70s). Others were big players in fashion, food production or healthcare. And in recent years, tech and the internet have created oodles of new money.

But while it was mostly one family member who created the initial wealth — some of whom started with a mere $250 loan and turned it into $5 billion — many heirs have taken their pieces of the pie and created even more riches. No matter what they’ve done with their money, there’s no doubt these families will be wealthy for quite a long time.


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