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Once-homeless ex-bartender challenging AOC for House seat talks policy differences

She’s in a solidly Democratic district. It’s possible she could be primaried by a corporate Democrat but she’s not going to be replaced by a Republican and certainly not a Trumpist. Her presence in Congress is actually helpful to the Republicans because she is a lightning rod they can weaponize to their own ends (the way they used to do with Jane Fonda back in the day). She’s a Ted Kennedy liberal (and a former TK intern), and Ted was the conservatives’ “public enemy number one” back in the day as well. She’s actually one of the least powerful and most ineffective members of Congress, but she’s a demon for the other side, and that makes her useful for outlets like FOX. The Democrats have the same kind of advantage with figures like Greene, Boebert, etc. Nobody really cares what they say either but they make for good fodder for MSNBC.

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