Anarchy. Social Utopia or Intellectual Pipe Dream?

A critique of the anarchist position from the standard parchment-worship perspective. Because 1776 was Year Zero or something.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen, Uncensored Truth

An anarchic society is often called the original state of Man. At least, according to anarchists. From there, everything seems to have gone downhill. Anarchism is the idea that government (the State) is unnecessary and harmful. There are many good points, as well as many bad ones, to this statement. The shortened version of how most anarchists view the situation is that we would all be much better off if governments did not exist at all.

This idea also tries to claim that everything people have accomplished living in a government-protected area they would have accomplished anyway. The idea that governments do provide most of their citizens with security so that they can devote their time to intellectual pursuits seems to have no merit to those advocating for a society without a governmental system. Let’s be honest here and say that most anarchists (most likely) full well understand that their ideas regarding society have a zero chance of manifesting; it will also not take very long for anyone looking at these notions to realize that their ideas have very little merit beyond being anything but a thought experiment. For an idea to have real-world merit it needs to be both beneficial and practical; anarchism fails on both of these counts.

Yet, if you have the rather dubious honor of encountering one of these idealistic individuals on Facebook, you may realize that many would-be anarchists know that their ideas cannot work but, regardless, will still gladly criticize you for not conforming to what is, at its heart, a fantasy. If you read what these people claim to be perfectly reasonable ideas, however, the notions suggested and insisted upon will be trying their best to convince you that anarchy is not an impossibility – at all – as long as everyone acts exactly how they want them to. The trouble is, if people should choose to form a government, and it then has any sort of interaction with their idea, it will very likely destroy their perfect anarchist society quite quickly.


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