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Activism, Uncensored: Lots of Hype, and an Undercover Agent Arrested at the “Justice for January 6th” Rally

By Matt Taibbi

A million reporters and police, a handful of demonstrators, and at least one undercover agent at a very noisy dud of a demonstration.

The “Justice for January 6th” rally held on September 18th in Washington had plenty of advance fanfare, with audiences told Capitol cops would be on “high alert” as Trump supporters “converged” on Washington. The actual crowd turned out to be light. There were under 100 right-wing demonstrators, according to the New York Times, while NPR amusingly reported that “hundreds of people turned up for a far-right rally,” not pointing out that most of those who “turned up” were counter-protesters, media, and (at least) one undercover officer.

Our partners from News2Share, who estimate there were about three reporters present for every pro-Trump demonstrator, captured the arrest scene. In it, a Customs and Border Protection officer dressed as a protester, with a bandana over his face, was corralled by cops for carrying a concealed weapon.

He ended up not facing charges, in an incident that unsurprisingly did not seem to interest many of the larger press outlets. In the above video, as the suspect shows his badge, you can clearly hear an officer asking him, “Are you undercover?” News2Share followed as he was led away, uncuffed, and not disarmed.


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