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Trump V. McConnell SHOWDOWN, NEW Poll Dubs Fmr President The LIKELY GOP Nominee In 2024

Trumpism is a flat tire on the neocons’ bus.

I hope The GOP remains a Donald Trump personality cult, and Donald Trump lives to at least 93 like his Father did. The Party cannot do anything without Donald Trump’s approval. I want the GOP to become the equivalent of France’s National Rally, a family fiefdom that masquerades as a permanent right-wing populist opposition party, but which can never achieve full state power, while acting as a constraint on the maneuverability of the wider ruling class.

Right now, the neocons and their allies are pursuing a three-front strategy. One is to position themselves as the leadership of the Never Trump Republicans (the Bush family, Liz Cheney, Romney, David Frum, and the Lincoln Project types). Another is to recolonize the Democrats (the strategy being pursued by Bill Kristol and long-time Kristol family associates like George Will and, now, John Bolton). Another is to embed themselves in Trumpism (the Podhoretz/Abrams, Cotton, Cruz, Rubio, Hawley, Prager, Horowitz, Bennett, and, now, Shapiro, strategy). The more highbrow effete neocons and those closest to traditional Republicanism are opting for the first two strategies. The most openly sleazy, opportunistic neocons seem to be going for the third strategy.

The Third Reich tried a three-front war and lost, and hopefully, the Neocon Reich will come to a similar end.

Team Rising discusses the GOP ticket for the 2024 presidential election, plus reports that former President Trump wants Mitch McConnell ousted as the top Senate Republican.

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