GOP Needs To MOVE ON From Trump, Loyalty To ONE PERSON Is NOT Conservatism

This segment inadvertently points out a utilitarian value to Trumpism as a cockblocker to full-on neocon hegemony.

Alyssa Farah, a former senior Trump administration official, makes the case that Republicans should accept Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election, and return to more traditional conservative values.

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  1. ‘U couldn’t be more wrong,,, It has to be someone that has ‘everything’ to lose, ‘n nothing to gain ! to bring our country back from “death’s door,,, There may very well never be another election so our feelings ‘r moot___. However, if we do, it will be ‘after the fight’,,,,keep your powder dry, or just give up- like now,,,,this is an invasion —— ‘n they mean to win ! I mean the Elitesbut before they do, Pelosi wants to be Pres. ‘N AOC wants Pelosi’s spot- believe it – it certainly won’t be KUMOLA !

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