Breaking Points: 9/23/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar talk about the major legislative battle taking place between moderates and progressives in congress, the future of China’s economy and what that could mean for the world, George W. Bush confronted by a veteran, Bill Gates squirming over Epstein scrutiny, renewed media smears of Monica Lewinsky, why Democrats deserve to lose badly in the midterms, all of the details surrounding the Gabby Petito murder, Hunter Biden emails confirmed with Ben Schreckinger, and more!

Timestamps: Dem Disarray: 0:0020:20 China Collapse: 20:2132:46 W Bush: 32:4740:16 Gates: 40:1748:29 Lewinsky: 48:3055:36 Krystal: 55:371:05:47 Saagar: 1:05:481:18:18 Ben Schreckinger: 1:18:191:36:08

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