Breaking Points: 9/16/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar break down the California recall results and their broader implications, new polling data on Biden’s covid approval, devastating testimony in the Nassar case, ex-CIA agents spying on Americans, the Nicki Minaj twitter saga, AOC’s controversial Met Gala dress, Gen. Milley’s serious norms violation, pharma backed Dems fighting to keep drug prices high, and more!

David Dayen’s Article:… Timestamps: CA Results: 0:0014:56 Biden Polling: 14:5727:15 Nassar Case: 27:1638:31 Ex CIA: 38:3247:24 Nicki Minaj: 47:2557:05 Krystal: 57:061:07:12 Saagar: 1:07:131:19:17 David Dayen: 1:19:181:35:20

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