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  1. Is it an actual poll, or is it just another made up fabricated headlines? And did you research and go to the source for this info, or did you fall for it as well? And now you are spreading it further. I’m republican, but this is not my thinking here. Can’t say I know anyone republican that even agrees with this info. Can’t find any info to even back this up. In my opinion, this sounds exactly like leftist propaganda. I would just be amazed that either side could just agree on that, the US government is corrupt. Both sides, but not all within it are corrupt. And when the sheepel give full control to these corrupt, is when they will sadly realize that they will no longer need them anymore. But history is not what they teach anymore, so sadly they do not know and are just oblivious to anything anymore.

  2. Amen! When the Democrats started erasing our past they erased our path to the future,,,,, No wonder they want to do away w/ our Constitution ‘n the brave men ‘n women who have fought for it ,,,,

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