Trump Plans Iowa Rally, Hires Political Operatives TEASING 2024 Run

I’ve mentioned before that we have three parties nowadays. The Democrats are divided between the neo-Ted Kennedy liberals (Berniebros) and neo-Rockefeller Republicans (the Bidenists). The Republicans are essentially a party of George Wallace Democrats now, at least the bottom 85% of the party. To the degree that these three parties prevent the return of the Reaganite/supply-sider/neocon coalition, this is a welcome turn of events.

Team Rising discusses speculation that former President Donald Trump has already begun a 2024 Presidential campaign.

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  1. Can ‘real Americans’ last ‘til then ? We need something done about the “last” election ! if ‘u can call it that ! With Pelosi, Soros ‘n Hilary in.charge? We will never get there,,,, the Elites have been on a roll ‘n have us blocked at every turn ‘n they know it! We need our “legal “ president and a NEW party system,,, very few in Washington have done Anything for our Country However, they sure look after themselves,,, they just gave themselves a hefty raise ‘n SS members will get another $2 raise – if they don’t take it all away ,,,,,

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