24 possible GOP presidential candidates in 2024

Right now really does feel a lot like 1975-1976. The US is withdrawing from a long unpopular war. A series of racial and political riots have taken place. A president reviled by the cultural elite has left office and been replaced by an empty suit. A strong shift leftward is taking place on a cultural front. The covid pandemic is a bigger version of the swine flu. And people are worried about inflation. Does that mean disco we going to get another Jimmy Carter in 2024…or another Ronald Reagan?

When it comes to GOP politics, the main priority right now should be to prevent the military-industrial complex and the neocon/supply-sider/Reaganite alliance from regaining the kind of control they had between 1980 and 2008.  To the degree that Trump running again serves as an obstacle to a Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or Liz Cheney presidency, he serves a useful purpose. I consider those figures to be significantly more dangerous than Trump. The GOP candidate we should be strategically rooting for is the one that is the least manipulatable by the neocons. None of these figures are ideal in that regard.  Of these 24, Cotton, Rubio, Pompeo, and Cruz are arguably the worst. Carlson, one of the Trump kids, or Mike Lee are arguably the least objectionable (very relatively speaking of course, as they are all very objectionable).


It’s all speculation at this point, but many names are being floated by media and oddsmakers as possible Republican presidential candidates in 2024. Here are 24 of them.


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