Fourth Generation Warfare

911 Operators Did Not Dispatch Police to Gas Station Where Employee Feared Explosion From Protesters Throwing Fireworks

By Tess Riski, Williamette Week

Portland’s Bureau of Emergency Communications, which fields 911 calls for the city, did not dispatch police when a Chevron gas station employee called to report a potential explosion hazard as dueling protesters threw fireworks near the gas pumps during a street battle.

WW had requested the 911 call audio from BOEC after learning from another Chevron employee who works inside the adjoining ExtraMile convenience store that her co-worker had called police Aug. 22 when a skirmish between anti-fascists and their right-wing adversaries spilled out onto Northeast 122nd Avenue and surrounding businesses.

The call audio, provided Aug. 25 to WW, lasted for just over a minute. The caller identified himself as an employee at the gas station, which is located right next door to the empty 7-acre Kmart parking lot where Proud Boys held a rally Sunday entitled “Summer of Love.” At about 4 pm, anti-fascist counterprotesters confronted the rally attendees in the parking lot, and the encounter devolved into a chaotic exchange of mace, paintball guns and fireworks.


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