No One is Coming To Save You

By Peter R. Quinones

In the macro, society is not improving. Anyone saying that is using micro examples. As an example, many people are waking up to the fact that the press isn’t just biased, but has an agenda. But that doesn’t give people a way to mitigate journalist’s damaging influence. You need a plan.

Speaking of “plans,” anyone with two braincells should’ve known from the start the whole “Q” movement was absolute horseshit. Seriously, did you really believe there was someone, or a group of someones, coming to save you from vampire-pedophiles who rule the world? How naive do you have to be? And if you fell for it once, odds are you’ll fall for it again. Get that shit out of your head! Batman isn’t coming to save the day. You are your own superhero.

First, it was social distancing. Then masks. Then a voluntary “vaccine.” Then vaccine passports. Mandatory vaccinations are now waiting in the wings. What’s your plan? Getting remote and not complying? There’s no evidence the Branch Davidians or the Weavers were thumbing their noses at the “authorities,” but they were attacked and taken out anyway. They were mostly targeted by bored government agents looking for a “win.” The COVID-tyranny may be something other than what it seems, but it appears to me to be a naked power-grab which means there is a hint of ideology behind it. And nothing is more dangerous than zealots consumed by ideology. ‘What must be done’ then?


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