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  1. I am so proud of our Pres Trump,,, his courage is insurmountable! The Democrats ‘n Rhinos have tried EVERYTHING -legally ‘n illegally – to take him ‘n America down, yet he -‘n we, -go on fighting the battle for freedom from Communism ‘n our ‘common’ enemies like Soros ‘n Mrs, Clinton ‘n others like Pelosi-(too numerous to mention) for our Constitution- for 0ne hundred years,,, Don’t give in – don’t give up! Our Freedom ‘n our America is at stake!,,,God Bless.America ‘n God bless our Pres. Trump! May he long reign in the position he was born for!

  2. Trump isn’t actually running again, he just wants to raise money and then keep it, like he did with the $250 million he raised for stop-the-steal.

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