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Joe Rogan EXPOSES Right-Wing Cancel Culture

A reminder of why I am not a conservative but a Stirnerite anarchist. Krystal’s comment that being pro-Palestinian is the main thing that will get you “cancelled” is spot on.

Guest co-host Kyle Kulinski looks at the curious case of right wing cancel culture mentioned on Joe Rogan’s show and how it is part of a larger pattern. Just as a reminder, Saagar is on vacation this week, so Kyle will be co-hosting beside Krystal until Saagar comes back.

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  1. Having an ethnic or religious minority ruling over an ethnic or religious majority is hardly uncommon throughout history. The Chinese in Singapore ruled all of Malaysia. Irish Protestants ruled Irish Catholics. In South Carolina, the European minority ruled over the African majority.

    This is all completely uncontroversial to discuss, but to discuss the contemporary reality in America is obviously very controversial.

    In this case of “right wing cancel culture” we have a Zionist Jew, who supports racial apartheid in Palestine, who also hates “racists” in America, “racists” being “people racialized as white, but not Jewish.” To use the yiddish slurs, “goys” and “shiksas.”

    This shows us a couple of things. You can call this “right-wing” or “left-wing” – does it even matter? This is traditional Jewish hatred of “gentiles.”

    It’s also just plain opportunism. Kyle Rittenhouse is their target market, but it was too politically hot, so he denounced him. Same with Proud Boys. Proud Boys were literally started by Gavin McInnes when he was working for Rebel media, a Jewish Zionist company, and Proud Boys were started specifically to defend Jews and Gays from “radical Islam.” So, it’s neo-conservatism.

    The Anti-Defamation League, an openly pro-apartheid outfit, has “partnered” with Paypal to ban various people, which will know will include BDS, Palestinian rights activists, and any “white” American who opposes mass immigration.

    I can very much understand why people are so terrified to say what this is, and it is surely easier to discuss “right vs. left.” But it is not at all “right vs. left.” Is ADL “right-wing” or “left-wing?” It’s neither. It’s Zionist, certainly, but it is also … well, if there was a Christian version of ADL, ADL would call them “Christian Supremacist” and if there were an ADL for people “racialized as white but not Jewish” the ADL would call them “White Supremacist.”

    So, is ADL “Jewish Supremacist?”

    Oh wait, that cannot be, because then David Duke is right and we know David Duke can never be right about anything.

    We can go the traditional Noam Chomsky and Whitney Webb route, and blame this on “Christian Zionism” but I don’t know how anyone could not be laughed out of the room for claiming that some little old church lady in Arkansas somehow has influence on US domestic and foreign policy.

    What did the Malaysians do when they were sick of being ruled by the Chinese ruling class in Singapore? They kicked Singapore out of the country, they just excluded the city-state from the rest of the island.

    Maybe America could do the same with New York City.

    What is more astonishing about this “right-wing cancel culture” is that the Black Rifle Coffee guy was the one doing the “canceling” yet they are instead reporting this as if Nick Fuentes – who has been banned from all social media and even put on the no-fly list – is the one doing the canceling.

    You can’t make this up.

    Has anyone ever noticed that there is zero difference between Ben Shapiro and Nick Fuentes, with once exception: Shapiro is Jewish and Fuentes is Catholic. Who gets canceled, and who gets massive promotion all over social media?

    I’ll just point out that you can be “canceled” from both the right and the left for stepping on the toes of the powerful, and in the case of America, that especially goes for the ethnic-religious community that the ADL represents. This shows you who has power, and who does not.

    It’s not “right-wing” vs. “left-wing” at all. As in most conflicts, it is not ideological, it’s ethnic/racial/tribal.

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