Breaking Points: 8/9/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and guest host Kyle Kulinski talk about the Biden infrastructure push, Chris Cuomo’s vacation, student debt outlook, Obama’s birthday party, Bill Gates’ friendship with Epstein, Andrew Cuomo fallout, right wing cancel culture, coal miner strike, and more! Just as a reminder, Saagar is on vacation this week, so Kyle Kulinski will be filling in as co-host of the show until Saagar returns.

Timestamps: Infrastructure: 0:0017:38 Chris Cuomo: 17:3928:28 Student Debt: 28:2941:54 Obama: 41:5551:42 Bill Gates: 51:431:01:52 Krystal: 1:01:531:16:16 Kyle: 1:16:17 – 1:27: 26 Kim Kelly: 1:27:271:42:27

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