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DESTROYING James Lindsay’s Basic B**** Critical Race Theory Tweet

Ben Burgis came across a James Lindsay tweet that alleged to break critical race theory down into six stages of history. Ben quote tweeted the aforementioned tweet and compared it to a Jordan Peterson line of thought, but called it even worse. The “apolitical” founder of New Discourses (dot com) then quote tweeted Ben Burgis, saying that “They mad,” and “LOL.” Ben proceeded to quote tweet him BACK and say that he shouldn’t tweet about Marxism if he doesn’t know what it is. Then Ben suggests they take the discussion “off Twitter”!!! Oooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Ben Burgis goes on to plainly explain what critical race theory actually is. Which would be a very helpful thing for 99.9 percent of people who are currently arguing about it to know. Cale Brooks of Jacobin, and GTAA regular J. Andrew World also join in the discussion of the larger societal problems that critical race theory SHOULD be bringing up.

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