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Sen. Morrissey, small-business owners gather in Richmond to highlight negative impact of skill games ban on their businesses

An interesting article that illustrates how capitalism works in the real world. As Virginia has expanded large gambling operations, the state has moved to shut down their smaller competitors.

By  Richmond Times-Dispatch

Around 100 small-business owners from Virginia joined Sen. Joe Morrissey, D-Richmond, for a news conference Monday to highlight the negative impact the state’s skill games ban has had on their livelihoods in the past month.

The General Assembly voted to ban skill games last year, and the ban went into effect July 1. Some convenience stores, restaurants and gas stations have skill games, which are electronic machines that require currency to operate and may award prizes based on the skill level of the player. The games generated more than $100 million in tax revenue for the commonwealth this past year.

“Last session in the General Assembly … some legislators banned skill games,” Morrissey said in front of the Virginia attorney general’s office in downtown Richmond. Legislators were in town nearby for the assembly’s special session, which convened Monday to determine the state’s spending plan for $4.3 billion in federal assistance. “While at the same time, we authorized casinos to be built, we expanded historical horse betting, we authorized online and sports betting. But the people that were left out are these small-business operators that represent the fabric of Virginia.”


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