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Why The Left Always Wins w/ Curtis Yarvin

I would disagree with Yarvin that the “left” always wins. The left is certainly winning the culture wars but is so far losing big time on economics, foreign policy, the carceral state, and the expansion of the police state. The left is losing on the environment. This is why I have pushed my “totalitarian humanism” thesis so fervently over the years. We have a “right-wing” system by any measure. The Democrats are center-right (neoliberal) on economics and far-right (imperialist) on foreign policy, and the Republicans are a right-wing plutocratic party similar to comparable parties in Latin America. The Republicans are far-rights militarists like Israel’s Likud Party. Domestically, the USA has 25% of the world’s prisoners. It’s just that our ruling class now used cultural “leftism” (multiculturalism, feminism, gay rights, etc) as a cover for what they really are, which is overlords of a hyper-imperialist, carceral state with an economy that increasingly resembles a Third World level of class stratification.

Curtis Yarvin is a prolific writer who used to blog under the name Mencius Moldbug. He is famous for coining the phrase and the concept of “The Cathedral” which will be explained in this episode. Pete asked Curtis to come on the show to explain why the “Left” always wins the culture war. He also explains why he no longer considers himself a libertarian.

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  1. The actually existing American “Left” is the militant faction of the Blue Tribe and the actually existing American “Right” is the militant faction of the Red Tribe. The so-called ideas of each are just propaganda for a tribal war.

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