The best way to save America may be to break it up

By Amos Perkins, The Wichitan

It doesn’t take more than a quick peek at the news to realize that the United States of America is not thriving. The nation is the most polarized it has been since the Civil War and respect for the country is declining worldwide. Instead of playing out the nation’s twilight years, inevitably ending in violent destruction, the world’s last superpower should work toward a gradual and peaceful dissolution into many, smaller sovereign countries.

The United States is huge. How huge, you ask? So large that the contiguous United States could fit 30 different European countries inside it. With a population of 328.2 million, the States is more than twice as populated as all members of the Commonwealth realm (which includes Australia, Canada, UK, Jamaica and twelve other sovereign nations) combined. The only states that compare to the US in size and population are Russia and China, neither of which has nearly as many freedoms and liberties as the US.


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