Bernie Sanders on the Biden presidency and the budget bill

On today’s episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends, we’re thrilled to bring you a conversation between Krystal and Senator Bernie Sanders. Countless people were drawn into leftist politics and movements through Bernie’s 2016 campaign, which rejected Trump’s empty appeals to the working class and introduced a movement based on class struggle and solidarity. In the Senator’s own words, “If there is going to be a class war in this country, it’s about time the working class won that war.”

The war waged on the poor by the rich has only escalated in the past year, following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dramatic action has never been more necessary and yet so far the signature achievement of the Biden administration has been a relief bill with only temporary provisions and a $15 minimum wage hike that was left on the cutting room floor. Democrats loudly proclaim that the nation faces existential crises from democracy to climate to health but then are content to let their agenda be limited by corporate Senators and arcane Senate procedures. They declare the climate to be in crisis but then allow the filibuster, the parliamentarian and Joe Manchin to keep them from acting. How does Senator Sanders square this reality with the praise he’s routinely offered for the Biden administration? Krystal pressed him on exactly this and more. Watch here:

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