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“They Want You Dead But They’ll Settle For Your Obedience”

By Peter R. Quinones

“I just don’t understand, why does the other side hate me?”

The answer to that question has become more clear with each passing day, but you’re not going to like it. It’s politics, plain and simple. Politics has overtaken every aspect of the lives of those who succumb to “red team, blue team.” I know I’ve caught a lot of shit for saying it but the blue team is so much worse than the Right. I’m confident that if I talked to 100 people from the Left and 100 people from the Right about politics I would have FAR more rational conversations with people from the Right.

There has been nothing more polarizing in my lifetime than the SARS-CoV2 virus, especially the recent vaccine “debates.” I am fully cognizant social media is never a good place to gauge where people are mentally when it comes to the vaccine, but, in my opinion, they are much more inclined to say what they REALLY mean, and boldly. Here’s a screenshot of a Michael Malice Tweet and the reply from someone whose profile I will share at the end.


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