Friedrich Engels’ Military Thought: A New Approach

By João Carvalho

The French philosopher, sociologist and political scientist Raymond Aron dedicated the following words to Clausewitz in his work on the great military theorist of the nineteenth century: It seems that we owe the great books on action to men of action that fate deprived of their greatest achievement, men who came to a subtle mixture of engagement and detachment that left the mablet or ecognize the constraints and shackles of the soldier or politician and also able to look from the outside, not with indifference, but calmly, to the irony of fate and to the unpredictable game of forces that nowill can control. (ARON, 1983, p.12)In turn, Professor Gilbert Achcar, referring to the quote above, said
 “These lines,…that  Raymond Aron dedicated to Clausewitz and his successors, could have been written, word  for word, about Friedrich Engels.”
 (ACHCAR, 2002, p.1).
We make our own the words of Achcar. Friedrich Engels’ reputation in the formal academic circuits, deeply influenced by structuralism, poststructuralism and “postmodernism”,
as well as his influence in those circles that Domenico Losurdo called “Western Marxism”, in the last seventy years, as a social and

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