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Golden State Dysphoria

In my experience, most Republicans really don’t have a problem with racial, ethnic, religious,  sexual, or gender minorities as long as they are Republican. And most liberals and leftists despise minorities who are not liberals or leftists.

By Matthew Schmitz, The American Conservative

Conservatives are lining up behind Caitlyn Jenner. Jenna Ellis, former senior counsel to Donald Trump, says that Jenner’s campaign for the governorship of California shows “how non-inclusive and intolerant the leftists really are.” Paul Gosar, the firebrand Arizona congressman, approvingly notes that the “left is triggered” by the candidate. John Fund, the national affairs reporter for National Review, tweets: “Caitlyn Jenner’s new video for CA governor is SUPERB. As a Californian, I actually cried.”

It should not be surprising that conservatives have come to regard Caitlyn as stunning and brave. Despite its residual reputation as the party of family values and Yankee modesty, the GOP has long relied on celebrities who deviate from established standards of taste and propriety. Donald Trump, with his gold-plated aesthetics and “locker-room talk,” is only the most recent example.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger ran his populist campaign to become governor of California, an old interview surfaced in which he bragged about drug use and group sex. He shrugged it off and so did voters. He was accelerating the trend begun by Ronald Reagan, a Hollywood star turned governor of California and the first divorcé to win the presidency.


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