So, If The 2020 Election Was Stolen…

By Peter R. Quinones

To say I don’t give a fuck about Democracy/Republicanism/etc. is an understatement, but the fact that so many still do means that to dismiss the concepts out of hand is to bury your head in the sand. More than 70 million people voted for Trump in 2020 and a large number of them believe the election was stolen from them. (If you want some of the most startling evidence I’ve heard on the illegitimacy of the 2020 election, check out Thaddeus Russell’s Unregistered Podcast episode 172 with law and business professor at New Mexico State University, David Clements.) So, how can someone who wants secession, localism, etc., use that belief if one wanted to reach out to those disaffected voters? Mind you, I know many of you care nothing for voting or politics but the reality is that many still do.

The first, and most obvious step is to do everything you can to communicate to these people that the federal election system has been corrupted and will never produce the result they want or expect. You need to start with some serious black-pilling before prescribing the white pill. My favorite question to ask is, “If you believe the Deep State stole the election in 2020, why would you think it wouldn’t happen again in 2024?” Ask that question and see how they react. Many won’t be ready to hear the message but some will be.

If by throwing that bait question out there you know you have them on the line, the next thing to do is to talk to them about localism. If someone feels national politics is a lost cause but they still want to be active, steer them locally. No one nationally, at this point, is going to be able to get rid of the Dominion voting machines, however, the chances of making sure local town/county elections are done right makes more sense to people. And as stated in my recent talk with Jared from Hoppean.org, the strategy for 10,000 Lichtensteins starts in your hometown. I honestly don’t think the ground has been more fertile for a local revolution than it is right now.


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