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An American Kingdom

The most immediately obvious problem with this article is that the religious right, even in its more moderate forms, is actually shrinking in size due to a wide range of factors, and that “non-religion” is the fastest-growing religious perspective. The Washington Post, the voice of the Bezos/CIA alliance, is clearly trying to fuel chattering class hysteria over some imminent insurgency by an American Taliban. The idea that obscure cults are the greatest authoritarian danger the US now faces is absurd.

By Stephanie McCrummen Washington Post

FORT WORTH — The pastor was already pacing when he gave the first signal. Then he gave another, and another, until a giant video screen behind him was lit up with an enormous colored map of Fort Worth divided into four quadrants.

Greed, the map read over the west side. Competition, it said over the east side. Rebellion, it said over the north part of the city. Lust, it said over the south.

It was an hour and a half into the 11 a.m. service of a church that represents a rapidly growing kind of Christianity in the United States, one whose goal includes bringing under the authority of a biblical God every facet of life, from schools to city halls to Washington, where the pastor had traveled a month after the Jan. 6 insurrection and filmed himself in front of the U.S. Capitol saying quietly, “Father, we declare America is yours.”


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