Fourth Generation Warfare

Capitol Rioter Thought He Recruited a ‘Patriot’ to his Secret Militia – It was an Undercover FBI Agent

By News and Guts

A man who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th had plans to continue “the revolution” by breaking his fellow rioters out of prison. He built up a supply of weapons – including an AK-47 and 50 Molotov cocktails – and formed a Bible study group that was really a front for a militia.

But Fi Duong, a 27-year-old Northern Virginia man, wasn’t the only person in his inner circle practicing deception. On the day of the riot, Duong inadvertently befriended an undercover police officer. He bragged that he was “an operator” and explained that he was wearing all-black so that he would be mistaken for a member of antifa.


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