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“What is Critical Race Theory?” A Former Critical Theorist Answers

This fellow pretty much holds to the same narrative as Bill Lind.

This is Episode 2 in this series on Critical Race Theory. In this episode, Professor Randy Trahan will walk through the history of ideas as it relates to Critical Theory in general and Critical Race Theory in particular. FREE SMALL GROUP RESOURCE:…

Episode One:… Episode Three:…

Outline of Episode 2: 00:00 Introduction 2:14 The Roots of Critical Race Theory 3:08 Definition of Critical Theory in its early stages. 4:00 Neil Shenvi Definition (See Jon Harris assessment of Neil Shenvi–very helpful… ). 6:40 The History of CRT tied to Marxism/Cultural Marxism 7:00 A Defense of using the Term “Cultural Marxism” 8:30 Marxist Theory of History 11:00 Lukas & Gramsci 11:25 Superstructure became the focus of Gramsci 12:10 Cultural Hegemony 15:30 The Frankfurt School 17:30 Liberation Theology 19:17 Critical Legal Studies 22:00 Critical Race Theory

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