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Glenn Greenwald DEBATES Nathan J. Robinson: Is Glenn a Useful Idiot for the Right?

An interesting viewpoint from the comments thread:

“Glenn represents my views and also my own approach to talking with people on the right. I don’t see people on the right as “enemies.” I see them as my neighbors who agree with me sometimes & disagree other times. I think he does a great job getting support from a lot of people on the right for issues that I’ve supported for decades as someone on the left. On a lot of core issues there is wide agreement among rank & file voters on the left & right and all of us need to see that. Those core issues are not supported by the establishment at all and it’s why were are in such a mess right now. I really value having someone like Glenn who recognizes this fact. I want him to stay focused on those core issues (civil liberties, corruption, war/peace, etc.) rather than divert attention in order to score “points” by arguing with conservative hosts on issues where there is no agreement among left & right. I agree with Glenn that my party, that is now full of Never Trumper Republicans, is becoming extremely authoritarian and quite frankly we need help from those rank & file voters on the right to help stop them from doing even more damage than they’ve already done.”

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