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Critical Race Theory & Black America | Coleman Hughes & Rakim Brooks with John Wood Jr.

America’s Public Forum: Race, Rights, and Black America

June 30th, 2021

From a series of events bridging the worlds of ideas and depolarization, hosted by Braver Angels and friends, “America’s Public Forum.”
MC’d by John Wood Jr.
ft. Coleman Hughes
ft. Rakim Brooks

What are the major narratives American society tells itself about race in general, and the Black experience in particular? What narratives should America tell itself? How should we understand racism and systemic racism, and how deeply should we be concerned about civil liberties in the America of 2021? What could a forward-looking agenda for Black America look like now and moving forward?

Join Braver Angels for a very special America’s Public Forum , a conversation with author and podcaster Coleman Hughes and civil rights attorney Rakim Brooks, moderated by Braver Angels’s National Ambassador John Wood Jr., on these topics and more.

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