Race and Ethnicity

Canada’s Coming Crisis with Indigenous Peoples

By Geoff Russ Yesterday | TheTyee.ca

This alienation didn’t come from nowhere. And it won’t be going away anytime soon.

Don’t be surprised that many Indigenous people do not like Canada. Do not be shocked that many actively reject it, and won’t cease to do so in the future as their population and power grows. Alienation is what happens when a group of people are continually abused and mistreated for centuries by a state without true redress.

No government in the history of this country made its raison d’être to facilitate real reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Even when newly elected governments promise “full reconciliation,” the current state of Indigenous affairs reveals they were false promises or outright failures.

There have been official apologies, recognition of past wrongs, removals of statues, and renaming of roads, but there still is no clean drinking water on many Indigenous reserves across the country.

The ongoing discoveries of unmarked graves of Indigenous children forced into residential schools has unleashed a fresh wave of rightful anger and bitter sadness, correctly directed at Canada and its current government and the ones that preceded it.


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