Fourth Generation Warfare

William Lind on “Fourth Generation War Comes to a Theater Near You”

This week’s Backchannel features William Lind, Chronicles contributor, as he speaks about his recent piece “Fourth Generation War Comes to a Theater Near You,” which is featured in the October 2020 issue of Chronicles magazine. Lind is joined in conversation by Edward Welsch, Executive Editor of Chronicles, and Annie Holmquist, Editor of Intellectual Takeout. As Americans embrace loyalty to their clan or ideology over the State, the State is losing legitimacy. The State’s monopoly on war is dissipating as non-State actors fight in the streets. As Lind explains, this is Fourth Generation War. Lind writes in Chronicles: “What is going on, right here on American soil, is war; a new kind of war that is also very old, waged by entities other than states. I call it Fourth Generation War and, to paraphrase Leon Trotsky, you may not be interested in Fourth Generation War—but it is interested in you.” About the Presenter: William S. Lind is a military historian, a columnist for The American Conservative, and author of Victoria: A Novel of 4th Generation Warfare and Retroculture: Taking America Back.

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