Some Hard Questions That Are A Decade Late

By Peter R. Quiñones

“The unsophisticated people are always taken in by appearances, and the world consists mostly of the unsophisticated.”

While I disagree with Matt Erickson on a lot, one of the most salient points he recently made when it comes to using the Libertarian Party, or any platform, to “spread liberty,” is: how do you “spread liberty,” or even begin a movement where people are demanding a smaller government without control of the media, academia, etc.? The neoliberal establishment, as well as the “woke fiends,” didn’t just jump on the scene and seize power. No, they had a plan that took generations to take control of communication and education.

So, what’s the Libertarian plan? Even if Ron Paul managed to get elected in 2012, do you honestly believe he could’ve ended the Fed? Gotten the State out of academia? Shrunk the government? No. The same Cathedral that demonized Trump for four years would’ve gone even harder at Dr Paul because they know he’s serious and not a buffoon. So, again, what’s the plan? Or is this the libertarian version of “Trust the Plan”?


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