Marijuana legalization in Virginia starts July 1. Addressing the impact of prohibition is unfinished work.

By Mel Leonor, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Kisare Bundy had been on probation for most of his adult life when, at 22, a marijuana possession charge sent him to prison for just under a decade.

An ounce and a half in his car toppled his probation status, altering the course of his life and that of his three children, he said in an interview from the Haynesville Correctional Unit 17, one of the state’s minimum-security prisons.

Once the shock faded, Bundy said he tried to focus his energy on being a “model inmate” and his job. Through the Department of Corrections, Bundy works in a warehouse and is pursuing the certification to drive a forklift. Outside of prison, the job pays well. State records online show his scheduled release date is Jan. 13, 2025.

When Bundy and his mother, Marilyn, heard the state was considering legalizing marijuana, they built up hopes that he would come home sooner.



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