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Dave Rubin’s Brain Breaks Discussing Glenn Greenwald

This latest bit of dumbassery from Dave Rubin provides a great context for me to explain why I am not a Republican.
Some of Dave’s interviews have been interesting. I used to like his show. But over time he’s just become a Republican brown noser. He reminds me of a less intelligent version of the Communist intellectuals from the 20th century who would do a “God That Failed” about-face and say, “Stalinism sucks so let’s be Catholic traditionalists! The Soviet invasion of Hungary and Poland was shitty so let’s go full-on for US imperialism!”
I encounter this all the time. As someone that is regarded in some corners as a leading critique of PC, I often come across people who can’t comprehend why I am not a Republican, Trump voter, NRx, white supremacist, religious traditionalist, or whatever else they think I should be. What they and their leftist opponents both fail to understand is that, for the most part, PC is not “radical leftism,” but just the latest version of bourgeois morality, only instead of being obsessed with perceived sexual immorality and religion, they’re obsessed with race, gender, and a kind of inverted version of Christian sexual asceticism. There are Maoist-like fanatics on the margins of PC culture, but for the most part “social justice” is just social conservatism for post-Enlightenment Protestant sectarians, and it is being incorporated into the ideological superstructure of the rising sectors of the capitalist class rooted in the digital revolution.
The idea that Republicans are for “limited government” or “states’ rights” is not only a joke but an outright fraud. They apparently think that corporations, banks, military, police, prisons, federal paramilitary police agencies, etc. are not a part of “big government.” About 30 years ago, I mentioned to someone that if Republicans had their way we’d have the foreign policy of the Third Reich (see the neocons), the civil liberties of the former USSR (see the terror war and the drug war), and the poverty levels of Guatemala (see the last 40 years of Republican economic policies). And I haven’t seen much since to change my mind. I certainly don’t share the view that Republicans are literal fascists. Fascism is a much different type of “far-right.” But the GOP are right-wing plutocrats like comparable parties in Latin America and militarists like Israel’s Likud.

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