Race and Ethnicity

Let’s talk about whether the US is fundamentally racist….

One thing I’ve increasingly noticed over time is that race is not necessarily a dividing line or accurate indicator of what a person’s views on racial politics will be.  Research indicates that white liberals and leftists are to the left of the “average” black opinion on race issues.  Trump’s vote totals went up among blacks and Hispanics (and most other minorities) in the last election but went down among non-college educated white males. A pro-affirmative action referendum was voted down in California (a majority-minority state) due in part to its unpopularity with Asians and Native Americans. A black ex-cop was recently elected mayor of New York City on an anti-crime platform.  As the two videos below indicate, it is a mistake to assume that every redneck is a racist and every black is a leftist.

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