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Young NYC homeless people to get $1,250 each month in city-backed study

My guess is that the UBI idea will increasingly gain traction in the future as a means of pacification in response to rising social unrest rooted in widening class divisions. A lot of tech overlords seem to be enthusiastic about this and they are the rising ruling class.

Young homeless people in the Big Apple will soon be getting $1,250 in no-strings-attached cash each month — in a $2.5 million city-backed experiment to see if they use it to get off the streets and try to get jobs.

The “Trust Youth Initiative” — partially funded by the city — will start with up to 40 homeless people ages 18 to 24, “especially Black, Indigenous, Latinx and LGBTQ youth,” the organizers said in a release.

They will get the monthly cash for up to two years, with no limits on how they spend it — and larger up-front payments available to get into housing.

A “rigorous evaluation” will then “compare the outcomes and experiences” of the target group with others getting smaller stipends and regular homeless services, such as access to shelters, City Hall said.



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