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Tearful Hamptons ‘squatter’ says, ‘I need to find a place’: report

By Jennifer Gould and Bruce Golding New York Post

A Cantor Fitzgerald exec’s wife tearfully denied allegations that her family was exploiting pandemic-related protections to avoid eviction from a $5 million Hamptons mansion, according to a report Friday.

“I’m not squatting, I’m just trying to keep my kids with a roof over their heads,” Stephanie Pion, 39, told the Daily Mail in the driveway of the Water Mill home.

The Post revealed Tuesday that Pion and hubby Paul Pion were being sued for refusing to vacate the premises after their $10,000-a-month lease expired on May 31, even though they allegedly have an apartment in Manhattan.

A source familiar with the matter also likened the situation inside to “an episode of ‘Hoarders’” — the reality TV show about people who obsessively fill their homes with possessions — and court papers describe an appraiser as saying that “the house was a mess, and the occupant was crazy.”


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