The Mises Caucus Gets Screwed In New Hampshire And I’m Kind Of Impressed

It seems like that surge of libertarianism that took place during the Ron Paul era has largely passed, with many former libertarians moving either to the Trumpist right or the “woke” left, and the remaining libertarians merely becoming appendages to the Red Tribe or Blue Tribe.

By Peter R. Quinones

When I started this Substack I had no real vision for it other than as a place to post if I were de-platformed across Social Media. It has evolved into a location where I can work out thoughts I have about why libertarianism is impotent and my ideas to change that.

It all began with me wondering whether the Libertarian Party (LP) could ever be sufficiently Machiavellian in nature to become an effective political force. Last week I saw a glimmer of hope and wrote about it here. And now, in what looks like a move that was planned before the expulsion of Jackie Perry, the current Chair of the LP New Hampshire (LPNH), Jilletta Jarvis, along with the Chair of the Libertarian Party National (LPN), Joe Bishop-HENCHMAN, re-wrote the Party bylaws and expelled the Executive and Judicial committee, which just so happens to be comprised of Libertarian Party Mises Caucus (LPMC) members. Essentially they removed all Mises Caucus members in the kind of Machiavellian move I had been waiting for. Of course it was pulled off by rat fucks that are beneath anyone associated with the LPMC but nonetheless it is impressive.

I always assumed fake libertarians like Henchman were Democratic National Committee (DNC) infiltrators, and watching a typical DNC move like this only solidifies it in my mind. I mean, c’mon, this is the new pledge you have to take to join the LPNH:


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