Pan-African Parliament: Punches, kicks and death threats

I’m hoping for more of this here. Let’s see some Congressional battle royales.


Founded with the noble ambition of uniting the continent, a session of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) recently descended into farce with some members fighting and threatening to kill each other.

The ugly scenes came amid sharp divisions over who the next president of the 235-member parliament should be, with southern African delegates insisting that their candidate should be chosen to end the dominance of other regions.

“I will kill you,” said South African MP Julius Malema, pointing his finger at a rival MP in an outburst that was caught on camera.

He later defended his comments, saying he had been threatened.

During another sitting, there were chants of: “No rotation. No voting. No election. Simple!” while members jostled for ballot boxes.

As the chaos continued, some of the politicians exchanged blows, while someone could be heard shouting: “Please call the police, it is urgent.”


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