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Fisher-Price Ignored the Risks of Its Rock ’n Play Sleeper for a Decade While Babies Died, a House Investigation Finds

By Rachel Rabkin Peachman, Consumer Reports

“When will Fisher-Price be forced to take ownership for creating a dangerous product and publicly blaming all the parents of the babies who died in it?” Sara Thompson asked recently. Her 15-week-old son Alex is one of the nearly 100 infants who died in a Rock ’n Play Sleeper.

She’d hoped that her question would be answered today when the House Committee on Oversight and Reform held a hearing and released the findings of its investigation into the Fisher-Price product and other similar sleepers, which CR first reported in April 2019 had been tied to dozens of infant fatalities. These products position babies at an angle of greater than 10 degrees and are made with soft padding, both of which can increase an infant’s risk of suffocation.


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