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  1. It’s not a theory. It’s a hypothesis. In order to be a theory, it would need to be testable and falsifiable. It almost certainly isn’t, if for no other reason than that the Chinese regime will decline to allow the requisite investigation with the ability to find records (if those records existed in the first place, and if they haven’t been destroyed if they existed).

    And it’s a fairly weak hypothesis as such things go, too. Bazillions of diseases have naturally made the leap from zoonotic to human-infectious. I’m unaware of any prior instance in which a zoonotic disease has been known to have been modified for human transmission and then either intentionally or unintentionally released (diseases that have already made the leap on their own, yes — for example, the early 2000s anthrax attacks).

    See Razor, Occam’s. Or, easy lay version: Unless you’re in Africa, when you hear hoof beats you think horses, not zebras.

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