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The GOP’s Ultimatum to America: Fascism, or Else

By Umair Haque, Medium

Every sensible person knows by now that the GOP has become America’s greatest threat to itself. Even Republicans with common sense — like my father-in-law, the farmer — shake their head at what’s become of their party: a hotbed of fanatics, extremists, loons, and cranks, all of whom share a single aim. And that aim is now becoming more and more explicit.

The GOP now presents America with a simple, stark choice: fascism, or else. That’s the choice of authoritarianism. The GOP is hardening, in other words — into a true extremist organization, every bit the equal of far-right parties in Eastern Europe, or in a much more disturbing parallel, the Taliban, or ISIS. They, too, presented their societies — who were failed states — with a stark choice: fascism, or else.

The GOP is giving America an ultimatum. Will America reject it?

The hardening of the GOP into an organization of extremists that give the world’s most fanatical a run for their money is frightening, disturbing, and most of all, incredibly dangerous. I want to take a moment to point out precisely how and why — by way of how fast and deep the GOP’s hardening into genuine, off the charts, failed state levels of fanaticism is happening.


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  1. Yeah, the late Sam Francis kept saying the GOP had to be destroyed back in the 1990s. But I think this loon probably has a quite different end game in mind-something quite divorced from reality Please remember that the D Party of today is by far the most closely tied of the two parties to the state security organs and the CIA. The Dems see the FBI and CIA as allies in their mission to destroy the white working class. Also recall that Obama-Hillary were responsible for about one million combined deaths in Libya and Syria. Oh yeah, and some may have noticed that the Dems think it’s perfectly OK to summarily execute unarmed political protesters from the other side and to torture the survivors and hold them in solitary confinement for months on end. So D Party is most evil and the R’s are cowardly and impotent with two or three exceptions. I don’t know where this all goes from here, but plutocrats/oligarchs of Big Tech and Wall Street are now tied to Dems and that shows no sign of changing soon. If somebody knows about the GOP survival plan I haven’t seen any evidence.

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