Everyone Knows Someone Suffering From ‘I Know A’ Syndrome

By Peter R. Quiñones

I encounter countless experts on endless subjects. Foreign policy, medical freedom, pretty much anything in the sphere of politics you can think of. Being able to interview these experts on my podcast, Free Man Beyond the Wall, is something that brings me not only joy, but educates me on subjects of which I never thought I could have even the slightest comprehension. But my “favorite expert” is the one who suffers from what I call, “I Know A” Syndrome.

The very first article I wrote for the Libertarian Institute was on police reform. Ten or eleven years ago I realized that in addition to the local police officer being the man or woman down the street, they were also the strong arm of the State. Politicians pass laws and police enforce them. In most cases the police officer doesn’t care whether the law is un-Constitutional, or even immoral; they are there to do a job and, as many have told me, if I have a problem with them carrying out their duties, I should vote for better politicians. This is a clear admission that they know the politicians whose laws they are enforcing are corrupt.


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